Bewde was born with the mission to evoke womens' determination; beauty, integrity and true self through every piece created. The brand pays homage to a quaint Georgian town upon which it was founded and is the hometown of the designer. "I have a desire to flatter the female form with sleek contouring silhouettes and sharp tailoring, creating a strong and powerful aesthetic whilst remaining within the brands' feminine ora".


"The women you see, have inspired and influenced my life in such a variety of ways that I could not have them as an undisclosed entity in my journey to creating this brand. They have the most incredible range of personalities which is why I am passionate about couture design. I believe our identity and style amalgamate to create our unique character. In their presence, I am inspired to be the best version of myself and develop as a designer. These women are the very foundation underpinning my desire to create, and thus will every client from this moment forward". 

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